Power Source for Electric Vehicles

Battery for Electric-Hybrid vehicles

Rugged Power Source 75+ mile range
Inexpensive Very Long Life

A new and entirely different battery energy source developed by TRL provides a means to achieve hybrid electric vehicles with a range of 75 or more miles per charge. These batteries would suffer no degradation in performance as a result of cycling or standing idle, or age.

Performance characteristics are:

Weight energy density: 25 to 35 wh/lb, 50 to 75 wh/kg
Weight power density: 50 to 80 w/lb continuous
100 to 200 w/lb peak
Volumetric energy density: ~ 2 kwh/ft3

Cost estimate:
~ $100/kwh storage, $200/kw continuous power

A typical four passenger electric car powered by less than 1000 pounds of TRL batteries would have a range of between 75 and 100 mile depending upon speed and road conditions. Total useable energy of 25+ kwh.

Life: Indefinitely long in any state of charge
Behavior: batteries can be totally discharged, left in the charged or discharged state, or rapidly cycled with no damage.

The most suitable vehicle application for these batteries is in hybrid types where the vehicle range is not limited by the battery energy storage. However, for a truly practical “hybrid plug-in” design the batteries should be cheap, long life no maintenance, and have capacity to provide driving distances on a single charge of between 50 and 100 miles. Then, much if not most of our driving would be making use of energy sources other than petroleum, such as nuclear, hydroelectric, solar, etc.

Hi I get this pain on both my sides right even with my breasts and across my chest it feels like i am being squeezed so tight in fact the pain has woke me up and it doesnt last longer than maybe 30 seconds..usually happens around 6-7am in the morning but maybe 1 time a month...Is this Angina?..I am 32 years old, no kids, not married..Not taking medication but I do smoke.. Thanks Don't waste any time. Get to a doctor, and have this chest pain looked into as soon as possible. The fact that you smoke makes for a higher chance that you're having a heart problem. But angina is almost always brought on by exertion, especially prolonged exertion of the aerobic kind, that requires a lot of oxygen to the heart muscle, and exertional angina can come on at any time of the day. If you're only getting it early in the morning, you want to find out if it's very early angina, and start making life-style changes, and following the prescriptions and suggestions of a good cardiologist. If it's not angina, that's all the better. At your age, angina is unlikely, and being female, makes it even less likely;

i`m 37yrs old, i have heart disease due to alcohol abuse in my twenties. i was informed of this over ten years ago and since then i`ve managed to live with it. i get the occasional bout of palpitations and racing heart but i`ve learnt to control this but recently its been getting more frequent. i`m on no medication at the moment and havn`t seen my doc for years now. but now its happening more often i`m not sure what to do. i`m not worried about the treatment itself but about losing my job, being unable to work again. i`m the only bread winner in my house, also if i couldn`t work again life wouldn`t be worth living anyway. i sometimes think it might be better just to live with it til i drop, i guess you`ve heard this all before, thanks for listening.

Since you are experiencing change in your body, and since you haven't gone to the doctor in a while, it would be best if you went - to make certain that everything is ok. And because you are advaning in age, you should make regular appointments and have physicals. You don't say if you are watching your diet and what you eat. If you are ingesting salt and/or food with salt, perhaps it is time to modify. Can alcohol really cause this sort of problem?? I've never heard someone so young who experienced this. It also sounds like you haven't quite dealt with your condition - you don't sound like you have completely accepted what you are dealing with and you should do that - we all have to take responsibility for our actions - and once you accept what you have now, you can make certain you keep it under check.

The only program which I know works (it has for acquaintances of mine) is the "Healing Heart Program" of Dr. West. He has a 30 page pamphlet which describes exactly what products to use, all from Standard Process, a company which has been taking real food and making pill supplements for over 70 years. Dr West has built his practice healing heart and artery problems. Call 800-231-8063 to get the pamphlet alone or to subscribe to his monthly Health Alert letter which should get you the pamphlet as well. I will start on Res-Q 1250 and LDLX in a few days to test their effect on my lipid profile and arteries in general.

Best regards!!


Penile Implant, Diabetes, and the whole nine yards

Hey there, I'm a 40 year old healthy fit diabetic. I've been one for 10 years and not always been the perfect role model. Time has sadly catched up. I have had impotence problems for over two years. Levitra, Sildenafil citrate 100mg, Cialis, pump, have all failed me. I've tried to do the Caverjet, and in all honestly, I broke down. I tried it three times, and hated the pain in injecting my penis with another needle. The pain was quick, but the realization that I have to bring this box (needle and potion) with me if I want to have sex got me very depressed. The caverjet did not work as well as I hoped. God did I want it to work. I have been in a same sex relationship for over 15 years and living with this in the gay world where we are surrounded by mass perception' of sex all the time is getting hard to live with. Knowing that I can't "perform" at all, is killing me. The only choice I have is getting the implant, which my doctor has suggested I pass on because I'm to young and that new developments are always rising. I'm so wanting to get on with my life that I'm willing to take risks with it. Sadly,one of the drawbacks is you lose a inch or two with the implant. I'm not hung or anything like that. I'm just about less that 6-5 inches, so losing more is also very depressing. It seems that there is no happy ending. So, what I would like to hear from other members who have had an implant is how you feel now. Are you happy, any regrets, and increase in your penis, is it possible to get the implant and increase your penis as well. I don't have to tell you that this is not easy to live with. There have been a couple of times I thought on ending it all. Some very bad moments in my life, but I got out of them. I keep thinking that there is help. This message forum helped me a lot knowing that I'm not the only one going thru this. So, for that, many many thanks.

You are young to deal with this, but in the case of diab. it is not unusual. Seems our dicks are often the first to go. DAMN!! I,m 62, married, kids, grandkids, and had prostate surgery (cancer) so that has left me virtually impotent. I've used the VED, which I recommend at least for keeping your cock active, recommended daily at least once, to fill with blood, keep it stretched, and of course, while it's up, hmmm, might as well enjoy it. I do find the rings that come with the VED (vacuum erection device) too damn tight, and so I"ve used the Elastomer Cock Ring, from www.erosboutique.com best I've ever had, and Ican put it on the VED manually, doesn't hurt when it comes off onto my cock and it can be stretched then around my balls,which I prefer. As for the injections, I have switched to Trimix, which burns less after it is in, and lasts for about an hour. Not my fav either, but it works best for fucking it seems. I've also found that injecting a lesser volume, for me about 0.5ml, and then after I"m hard, I apply that cock ring around the whole package and that enhances what the injection started, very nice response, although still some burning. For that hour it is hard, i can take the ring on and off periodically to rest it from the tremendous pressure of blood. I inject in private, then go to bed and fuck my wife, give her what she wants, then if I don't come, which happens more lately during intercourse, I"m still hard enough with a ring on, I retreat to my computer room, and well, you know the rest. lol I also have a daughter who is les, and I've read tons, and fully understand the issue of the "world" assuming being gay is all about what you do in the bedroom, and I"m sorry the world is like that, pisses me off too. Like the str world never fucks, or maybe I should say that is all they do. I surely hope you find help if you feel suicidal, Ross. That is not the answer, this will work out, believe me. You'll come to find ways to get hard, to express and enjoy yourself sexually and in all other ways, too. By the way, the VED, is prescription, and covered by most insurances I think. Most insurance companies I understand, want to see that you've tried several methods to get hard, b4 they pay for the implant. It is damn disappointing to not get hard spontaneously like we used to, I agree. And when this happens to us, you suddenly are very aware at how often comments or jokes are being made by all of us that are sexual in nature. We all enjoy that, but it is like a knife in the heart when you know you can't perform like others in the crowd can, or at least are implying. Truth is, I don't think very many are running around with 10" cocks, hard all the time. Not likely!! Come and try to enjoy exploring what your options are, remember what my urologist told me, "dead men don't have options for sex".


I tried to be very careful about alternating the sites for the injections. I used it on average about twice a week during that time. This spring I noticed that I was developing scarring and it was becoming very noticeable. It was at that point that I knew I was in trouble from using Bi-mix and decided on the penile implant route to avoid further scarring. I've had my implant now for 12 weeks and if I could turn back the clock, I would of had this surgery 10 years ago and avoided a lot of painful injections. The implant is more comfortable to use. More reliable, and like the injections, I stay hard after I orgasm. And I don't have to either plan ahead or get up out of bed and take an injection. And the implant is always with me. I don't have to carry syringues and a bottle that needs refrigeration with me. Added to that is that sometimes the injections didn't work as well as it should or worked to well and I was left with a very painful erection. The implant always works, I can release an erection with a push of a button. The erection is up to me how hard I want it. My erection looks very natural, feels wonderful inside and at this point I don't even feel it in the shaft of my penis. Sensitivity and the force of my ejaculation is still the same. Don't get me wrong, I used injections satisfactorily for a 13 year period. But after comparing injections versus the implant, I now prefer the implant. Thanks for asking.


I am 64 and am expereincing an increase in my E.D. problem in recent months. My wife is youngrr than I am. While she enjoys oral sex and foreplay stimulation, intercourse is a keystone to her. My inability to complete our love making with intercourse, is taking it's toll. She has willingly employed all the mutual physcial things that have helped in the past, but now, they no longer are working. I've been a sexual guy all my teen and adult life....I'd say, addicted to sex. Impotence for me is a real let down....sex has ment an aughfull lot (to much) to me in my life. I have a wife. I love her.If our marriage was in jepordy over my impotence (now I order some ed meds from reputable canadian pharmacy), I would do anything to try and rectify the situation. I'm kinda open minded, so I can see where alot of people will not agree with me here. To save my marriage and my wifes emotional status with 'us' and herself....I would agree with her seeking sexual fulfillment outside of the marriage. She's never brought it up, but it is something I've already thought about broaching to her.The current situation is not fair to her, nor would I feel it was fair to me, if she had 'turned the water off' on me ...so to say. Some people say sex is sex...not love. But I know enought to know that a woman having sex with a man, will eventually develope an emotional attachment to him. The chance you take in this kind of thing. In my mind, if she felt compelled to have sex outside of our marrige, either through leaving me, or sleeping outside of our bed while married....the result would be the same. I do not want her to feel trapped and frustrated in our marriage.....so what choice is there....if it is that important in her life. If she stays with me, she will grow older physically, and there will be a time that she will no longer have the sexual drive that she has now...at her age. I've got some 'lifes expereince ' in that, and am aware that most older women past menepause, would rather have a little foreplay and time alone with their mate, and forstall the intercourse. My two cents. I just hope the guy is ugly.


How about if you invite a 3rd into your bedroom....and you and the other guy can both be intimate with her....if you don't think an implant is for you, and want her to still be fucked..then why not be a part of it...together find a man to fulfill this need and you and he both make love to her.... Some men deisre this very relationship and are called cuckholds....but it does not have to be a dominate situation, you can just have another man and have 3somes where you do all the oral work and he uses his dick... But you should think about having an implant....some people do not like the result...but there are thousands who love it....it might be a bit shorter...but at least it will work all the time... Good luck in whatever you choose.


Gentlemen The sure way to end a relationship is to add another person. I'm a Divorce Care filicator and many divorce after this. Why? Loss of Trust. It happens on either side. A good marriage councelor or therypist could help lots. A good Dr can guide you to the correct treatment. Jack


Bill, Glad to see you are still posting. I am "lurking" and reading the posts. Because of you I have subscribed to the Medscape site and get periodic reviews of current cardiac info. I have not had a heart attack but my husband did almost 2 years ago, now. He had a stent placed and then a subsequent one to patch up where scar tissue was reclosing the stent. Since that time he has been on grapefruit fiber drink for 8 mo or so and now on the Matthias Rath program under what used to be Rexall for 9 mo or so and generic Azithromycin 500 mg (Zithromax). He seems to be doing well, has more energy and has recently purchased a new motorcycle and is planning a jaunt with a high school buddy. Things are going well here - for how long we dont know (he is 63 and I am 61 - hard for us to believe). Hope you have found some help for your angina. I am glad some of you are keeping this site going and are exchanging info the "lurkers" can read and consider. I am also thankful for "Agnes" of curezone who posts interesting information. You asked for a response - so here it is from one person--! Sue


HI Sue thanks for the nice response and happy some of the things I find and share are of help to someone I am waiting to hear from others hoping all is well some very active people have been silent for awhile as we all were after the traumatic events of 9-11. The problem with the Stent has me wondering if its a good idea or not to have it installed I know they do it to prevent another closingbut whats the difference if they have to go back anyway. A few months ago a member discussed having a procedure done at U C Davis I think it was using a Laserto remove the plaque he was very positve about it and it sounds like a great method. Happy for the husbands active life style now wish I could do more. Regards Bill H


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