Power Source for Electric Vehicles

Battery for Electric-Hybrid vehicles

Rugged Power Source 75+ mile range
Inexpensive Very Long Life

A new and entirely different battery energy source developed by TRL provides a means to achieve hybrid electric vehicles with a range of 75 or more miles per charge. These batteries would suffer no degradation in performance as a result of cycling or standing idle, or age.

Performance characteristics are:

Weight energy density: 25 to 35 wh/lb, 50 to 75 wh/kg
Weight power density: 50 to 80 w/lb continuous
100 to 200 w/lb peak
Volumetric energy density: ~ 2 kwh/ft3

Cost estimate:
~ $100/kwh storage, $200/kw continuous power

A typical four passenger electric car powered by less than 1000 pounds of TRL batteries would have a range of between 75 and 100 mile depending upon speed and road conditions. Total useable energy of 25+ kwh.

Life: Indefinitely long in any state of charge
Behavior: batteries can be totally discharged, left in the charged or discharged state, or rapidly cycled with no damage.

The most suitable vehicle application for these batteries is in hybrid types where the vehicle range is not limited by the battery energy storage. However, for a truly practical “hybrid plug-in” design the batteries should be cheap, long life no maintenance, and have capacity to provide driving distances on a single charge of between 50 and 100 miles. Then, much if not most of our driving would be making use of energy sources other than petroleum, such as nuclear, hydroelectric, solar, etc.


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